Guiding Clients Through Personal Directives

Powers of attorney give another individual decision-making authority when it comes to your finances and property. However, when it comes to healthcare decisions, there is an advance planning tool called a personal directive available to individuals in Alberta. Personal directives protect your wishes regarding your health if you are no longer able to convey your healthcare decisions to your health practitioners.

Carlyle Law has helped clients for years with personal directives. We can assist you in deciding whom you want to appoint as a decision maker. We will also advise you about including conditions that protect your interests in case of incapacity.

Understanding Personal Directives

Personal directives are documents that allow another person, called an agent, to make personal decisions on your behalf. As with powers of attorney, this document is often drawn up in cases of illness or injury. If you are no longer able to make certain personal decisions, your agent can take over the decision-making function for:

  • Healthcare
  • Legal issues
  • Your residence
  • Your education

Personal directives are legal documents and it is important to ensure they are correctly drawn up. At Carlyle Law, we have decades of experience writing personal directives for our clients. Our lawyer and legal assistants have the knowledge and skills to prepare these documents quickly, cost-efficiently and accurately.

We Ensure Your Personal Directive Is Valid And Enforceable

While you do not need a lawyer to write a personal directive, there are formal legalities that must be observed when writing and finalizing a directive. Without solid legal advice and guidance, errors can be made that can make the document ineffective. As a result, you may have little say in your healthcare decisions in case of incapacity.

We have deep knowledge of the applicable laws and make sure to include all legal requirements in the document. We also listen to your needs and wishes and draft a document that reflects your healthcare decisions. As a result, you will have a valid, enforceable document in place that will safeguard your healthcare wishes.

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