High-Quality, Cost-Effective Real Estate Services

While it is exciting to buy one’s first house, or even sell it, dealing with a large property transaction can also cause stress. Often closings have a short turn-around time, which means a lot has to be accomplished in a relatively small timeframe.
The legal team at Carlyle Law has assisted clients with their real estate transactions for over 30 years in Olds, Alberta. We work as a team to make your transaction process as smooth and efficient as possible. This also allows us to provide you with high-quality services at cost-effective prices.

Protecting Your Real Estate Deal

Making a large investment in real property means you need the services of a knowledgeable real estate lawyer. A lot hinges on your lawyer’s experience and skill, such as ensuring your paperwork is filled out correctly, and that you close on time and without complications.
At Carlyle Law, we have extensive experience:

  • Reviewing purchase and sales agreements
  • Processing and registering mortgages
  • Scrutinizing title to the property
  • Preparing closing documents

Our legal team also takes the time to sit down with you and carefully explain the process. We also update you regularly on the progress of your closing. Backed by years of collaborative teamwork, we can process your transaction in a timely manner without added costs.

Assisting Clients With Their Refinancing Needs

Whether you want to register a new mortgage, replace an existing loan or secure better mortgage terms, we can help you. Our legal team has assisted hundreds of clients with their refinancing needs. We know how to process your loan documents quickly and efficiently. This also allows us to provide you with reasonable rates for refinancing work.
We not only process your mortgage, but also explain the mortgage documents to you. Our aim is to ensure you are fully informed about your loan including the terms of the mortgage, amortization period and interest.

Let Us Assist You With Your Real Estate Transaction

We are always accessible to our clients, and invite you to give us a call at 866-445-8146. You can also reach us by filing out our online form.