What Duties Do Executors And Personal Representatives Have?

If you have been appointed the executor of a will, you will be responsible for a wide range of duties. The most important duties of an executor include paying off the deceased’s debts and distributing the estate among the beneficiaries. This process can be complex and difficult and it is prudent to seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

At Carlyle Law, our wills and estates lawyer has over three decades of experience navigating clients through estate matters in Olds, Alberta. Our lawyer collaborates with our legal assistants to provide guidance and support to executors throughout the complex probate process.

Understanding The Executor’s Role

If you are named the executor of a will, you will also be known as the personal representative. Essentially, both terms are used to describe the duties of the individual responsible for administering the estate. There are a many duties you will have to fulfil as executor, which include:

  • Probating the will, if needed
  • Paying off the debts of the estate
  • Dealing with the assets of the estate
  • Advertising for creditors
  • Finding the beneficiaries
  • Distributing the estate to the beneficiaries

Your first duty is to probate the will, if necessary. To do that, you must have the most up-to-date will of the deceased in your possession. Once you have submitted all necessary documents to court and the will has been validated, you will be issued the Grant of Probate. Once the grant is issued, you have the authority to act on the last wishes of the deceased.

Executor’s duties are often complex and carry legal risks. For instance, if you distribute the estate to the beneficiaries before paying off all creditors, you may be held liable for amounts owing. It is advisable to have the assistance of a lawyer during the process to avoid complications.

Providing Guidance To Personal Representatives

Our lawyer has over 30 years’ experience in wills and estates law and intimately understands the duties of personal representative. He can skillfully guide you through the steps of the administration process and provide solid legal advice during every phase. Our friendly legal assistants provide additional support by being responsive to clients and answering questions and concerns. We use a collaborative approach to always be accessible to clients and to ensure they’re well informed about their matter.

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